I gained 50 pounds with each of my pregnancies. The first time around, chocolate enrobed mini Krispy Kreme donuts were my downfall. The second time I vowed to be more careful, but after gaining 30 pounds by the fifth month, I threw in the towel. Yes, of course I took my vitamins and ate my veggies, but I also ate everything else I wanted! 

Scaleweightloss These days, I weigh about five pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I'd like to lose a bit more, but overall I'm thrilled. What worked for me? Accountability. I signed up with a weight loss program. Can't say I followed their eating plan to the letter (and frankly, I didn't buy any of the products) but knowing I'd have to step on that scale in front of a real live person every week helped me stay on track.

Of course, I changed what I ate – added more lean protein with breakfast and veggies with dinner.  I still snacked, but on yogurt and fruit instead of those mini-donuts.  I also had my own rule that once a week I could eat whatever I wanted for one meal. Fast food, high-end steak house, chocolate cake, whatever.  But just once a week – and usually right after that personal appearance on the scale!

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