Yes, that’s my daughter in the blue with her arm around Nick Jonas and my son on the end, holding the basketball. We were part of this lucky group earlier in the week. I should probably explain why the kids all have towels…

Nick Jonas JDRF Group

Charlotte-area children with diabetes and their siblings meet Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has been filming a movie around Charlotte.  It’s been fun around her to follow where they’re shooting and hear about the Jonas sightings.  You probably know Nick is part of the  the Jonas Brothers, who got their start on the Disney channel and are huge on the pop-rock scene. You may not know Nick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 13.

He’s very active with diabetes advocacy and agreed to do a meet & greet for some local kids. We got the word and I was sworn to secrecy until the big event at Carowinds. They were filming this week at the Camp Wilderness area of the park.

The PR folks brought us to the front entrance of Carowinds, so they could take a big group picture with Nick in front of the sign. We waited for 10-15 minutes for him to show up and then… it started to rain. Wasn’t bad at first, so we just huddled under some snack-table umbrellas, but all of a sudden the skies opened up:

Jonas Carowinds Rain rs

Not quite the Carowinds picture they were hoping for!

JonasRain rs

 Under the Cinnabon awning – the door’s locked!

JonasDoorOpen2 rs

 Thank you for letting us in!!

Jonas Producer kids 2 rs

Meeting producer Michael Helfant

jonas parent producer hug2 rs

Helfant’s daughter has type 1 diabetes. Group hug with the D-parents!  That’s JDRF’s Kelly Vasta beaming on the right.

The Carowinds people were great. They gave us all those towels and brought cars around to drive us to where Nick was waiting. I actually thought the whole thing would be canceled, but they pulled it off. They introduced Nick to the children in the room while the crew was finishing  lunch. It was very brief, but he was very gracious and spoke to everyone.

Lea asked him about the movie; he said he wasn’t sure she would be allowed to see it because he  thought it might be PG-13. She asked me to look into that and showed me her signed cell phone case (!). Benny asked when Nick was diagnosed, and they chatted about their respective ages then and now. Then it was over and time for him and the crew to go back to work.

It was a fun, crazy day. Our souvenirs got soaked and nothing went exactly according to plan. But it was great to meet someone who goes through everything our kids do. – all the poking and checking and carb counting – who also happens to be a celebrity. I think days like this help make the diabetes crud just a little bit better.

jonas kids bike rs

The bike Nick Jonas rides in the movie.  We  weren’t sure the girls were going to let go. 

Thanks to JDRF Western Carolina Chapter for inviting us along and to Ron Deshaies from Treasured Events of Charlotte for sharing his wonderful pictures of the day.