Looks like I'll be out a bit longer than I last thought. Saw my doctor this week, spoke with WBT management and we've all agreed that I'll come back to Charlotte's Morning News on August 27th. If all goes well.

BathroomscaleMy checkup was good, but right now it's about adjusting medication and getting back my strength. I probably lost about 20 pounds in three weeks; so far I've gained back about five.

(It's hard to watch the number on the scale go up, but I'm trying to be logical. This isn't about bathing suit season, it's about being healthy, right?)


Since this illness has been all about my stomach, and other various parts nearby, I find myself thinking an awful lot about food:

– I'm dreaming about going out to dinner. Maybe it's because I went from no solid food for two weeks in the hospital to jello and chicken soup at home, to pretty mild fare right now.  At night, I dream about Asian restaurants. Not sure why, but I can't wait to go out for Thai, Indian, Chinese. Sorry, Rotelli.

-Not allowed to eat shellfish yet. Good excuse to show you this picture, though.


Back in June, we enjoyed a great meal at Il Bosco in Davidson. Those little critters on top are called langostino. The waiter told me they're considered little lobsters or giant shrimp. Either way, they were delicious. 




– I haven't had coffee since June 28th. My coworkers just gasped. I usually have my first cup every morning at 4am. I didn't even have caffeine again until about a week ago (sticking to tea for now).  Life is very different without that 3:30am alarm!

-And, not so much food, but… online shopping is very dangerous when you are home more than you're used to. I need to get back to work before I spend the college funds.

Thank you again for all the emails, calls, tweets and Facebook comments. My favorites have been the two separate listeners who said they can't wait to hear me back on the radio, even if it's just to hear me read the ads! That's dedication.

See you on the radio on the 27th. Maybe I can convince the Charlotte's Morning News crew to go out to lunch with me!