When I get ready for a trip, I usually lay everything out and then put about half of it back. I still end up over-packing.

But I never feel like I can take too much of Benny’s diabetes supplies. We just got home from ten days of travel, including a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean. That’s a lot of stuff:

About two weeks before our trip, I requested a refrigerator in our cabin, for the extra insulin. The cruise line treated it like a big deal and gave me information about who to contact if it wasn’t there when we arrived. I was pretty proud of myself for remembering to make this “special” request, until we got on board. Every room on the ship had a fridge!

I’m sure Benny’s A1c will be higher this time around. We did the best we could, but there was food everywhere. I miss the frozen yogurt   machines by the pool, but it’s good to be back to our routine.

Here’s everything we brought:

Insulin (4 vials)

Backup pump (on loan from Animas)

Insets (2 boxes of ten)

Lancets (1 box)

Test strips (4 vials)


Alcohol wipes

Lithium batteries (2)


Glucogon pen

Cartridges (5)

Backup meter

Lidocaine cream

Extra pump case/belt

Juice boxes (10)

I just realized we forget to pack syringes! Can’t remember the last time I had to give Benny an actual insulin shot, but if something happened to the pump (and the back up pump) we’d need those needles.

The packing list for next time just got longer!