Tweetfeet2Off and running!

Week one of Tweet or Feet was so much fun – thanks for all of your support. Since this first week was just a couple of days – we started last Wednesday – I put this recap off until today (Monday). Going forward, I'll announce the winner and do the recap on Friday. Got that?

The randomly selected winner of those who used the #TweetorFeet hashtag last week is: @MCMcMillanMCM – Michael & Kathleen McMillan.

They win a gift certificate to Rotelli and a mention by Fox News Supreme Court reporter Shannon Bream (26,000+ followers). She's a little busy with health care reform coverage this week, but took the time to help us out. Thanks, Shannon!

Great to see the RT, mentions & shares. We even had a few people sign up for our walk team! If you missed them, the links from this past week are:

Artifical pancreas project update

"Top Chef" contestest Chef Sam Talbot talks about living & cooking with type 1

Our family page for the Charlotte JDRF Walk, April 21st at Carowinds

Week two will feature more information on progress in diabetes, and I'll introduce you to some amazing people living with type 1. Please look for #tweetorfeet on Twitter, or go right to my Facebook page here.

Remember, mention #tweetorfeet on Twitter or share one of my posts on Facebook to enter the weekly contest. Campaign ends April 21st with the Charlotte JDRF Walk.