So, actually not too bad last night for Halloween.

Lea was ready to go trick or treating as soon as she came home from school, of course.  We compromised by letting her eat two pieces of our candy and then get into her costume.  I convinced her to eat at least a little dinner and she was out the door!  She went with friends of ours so Slade could stay home and I could go out with Benny.  There was no way Benny could keep up with Lea and her friends.  They’re like a pack of wild animals on Halloween.. actually, more like a pack of golden retriever puppies.  Goofy and funny and falling all over each other.

Benny had no interest in getting into his costume or heading out.  I was fine with that, but of course it didn’t last.  As soon as the first group of kids rang our doorbell, the concept of the evening finally clicked.  We put on the costume and headed out the door.

Trick or treating with a 2 year old (okay, almost 3) is pretty funny.  He said Happy Halloween to just about everyone we saw and kept offering his candy to other people.  My terrific neighbors wanted to do right by him.. they all asked, "Which candy is best for him?"  Didn’t matter if he got Skittles or Snickers or a bag of sugar – he wasn’t eating any of it.  I wonder if he was the only kid in the neighborhood with a blood sugar meter in his trick or treat bag?

When we got home, I let Benny pick out one piece of candy and then, as we’d discussed, we took the bag away to "trade for a toy!"  I decided delayed gratification wasn’t the way to go so he got a new play-doh set right away.  Blood sugar right around 100 all night long – whoo-hoo!!

Lea was so excited to go through her candy and total it up.  She had 80 pieces and, you’ll recall, I promised her a quarter for every one.  Next year I need to make it a dime – the kids’ll wipe me out!  So she gets $20 to spend on toys or books this weekend.  We let her keep 5 pieces of candy to eat this week.  She has birthday cake coming on the weekend (my baby is going to be six???) so she didn’t really mind.

Slade bagged up all the candy (I have no idea where it is, I hope he gives it away today) and everyone went to bed.  Checked Benny before work this morning at 3:45am and he was 241.  Our overnight goal is 175 so that’s not as bad as it seems (daytime bg goal is 125).  Gave him some insulin and that was it for Halloween.  Next stop, Chanukah!