One of our end of the school year traditions involves ice cream.  Lots of ice cream.  

A few years ago I got into the habit of picking my daughter up at school once a week and swinging by the ice cream shop before grabbing Benny from preschool. It was our fun Tuesday girl time, but Lea was always disappointed that I never let her get anything bigger than a small cup or cone. 

IcecreamleaFinally, on the last Tuesday of the school year, I told Lea she could have anything she wanted. Double-scoop waffle cone, triple hot fudge sundae, large milkshake, whatever. She chose a giant oreo "boat" and she ate more than it than I could have imagined! Now our whole family goes out for ridiculous amounts of ice cream the last week of school.

Here's Lea with this year's selection. Brownie sundae, no cherries, chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

Benny went with a banana split, all the way, with vanilla. 

I love to show pictures like this when I'm asked if Benny can ever eat sweets.  The answer is: of course! However, it does take some work. Mostly guesswork. 



How many carbs in a banana split? Should we give him the insulin all at once? Maybe use the pump's combo function?  That's sort of a time-release and it helps because all the fat in the sundae will slow down the absorption of the crazy amounts of sugar in that sucker.

We did pretty well, but of course, Benny's blood sugar was higher than usual for the rest of the evening.  That's okay. This isn't something we do very often, for our child with type 1 or for our child who doesn't have diabetes.  It's just once-in-a-while fun. 

(For your records, we figured Benny's dessert had close to 100 carbs. Slade and I split a chocolate/peanut butter sundae. There will be no pictures.)