DC_FinalLogo_GrayBkgrnd_PodcastI started the Diabetes Connections podcast in June of 2015 and I’m having a blast. Talking to interesting people, learning more about a topic I have great passion for and getting back behind the microphone. What’s not to like?

However, quite a few friends and even several guests have said to me, “Wow, you’ve started a podcast?! That’s so cool. What exactly is that??”

A podcast is basically a radio show that you listen to whenever you want on whatever device you want. Think of it as audio-on-demand (sort of like Netflix for radio). They first got popular back when the iPod was introduced. People realized they could create their own shows on computers and other people could find them on the internet and upload them to this newfangled version of the Walkman. A lot has changed, they’re much easier to put onto your mobile device for one thing, but the name stuck. iPod. Podcast.

Most regular radio shows have a podcast version as well. Almost always, it’s what they’ve already aired, just available when you want it, on demand. The vast majority of podcasts, though, are created by people who don’t work for a radio station. Some have millions of listeners and are professional operations. Others get 10 downloads and sound like they’re produced in their mother’s basements.  (More cool info from Pew research here)

podcast app graphicIt’s pretty easy to listen. If you have an iPhone or iPad, the native podcast app looks like this.  Just tap it and enter “Diabetes Connections” in the search. You can also ask Siri to find it for you. (“Siri, find Diabetes Connections Podcast”) Once you find it, you can subscribe so you never miss an episode, or just pick whatever episode you find interesting at that moment. Or, just click here for my iTunes link.

stitcherAndroid users have lots of options, too. Pocket Casts is usually the top-rated app, but it’s not free. You can check out Stitcher Radio for Podcasts, which is. I’m an Apple person, so if you know of a great Android podcast app, please leave it in the comments! There really are dozens of podcast apps; my show should be listed just about everywhere. Here’s a link to my show on Stitcher.

Since most new cars now come equipped with Bluetooth, it’s easy to listen while you drive. Just play the show from the phone and use the Bluetooth to connect with your car’s sound system. You can also listen from your laptop, most podcasts have a website. Here’s mine (so convenient, right?!).

About one third of Americans listened to a podcast last year, so there are still a lot of you who’ve haven’t. I hope this helps you take the plunge, whether you listen to my show or any of the tens of thousands of podcasts being produced right now. For more info, this is a great explainer from the Wall Street Journal, complete with apps they recommend and podcasts they love.

If you like mine, please share it with anyone you know who’s touched by diabetes. I love creating this show. I hope you love listening to it.