Today is my ten-year wedding anniversary.  I can hardly believe it. 

Our wedding was wonderful.  An amazing celebration with friends and family – everything was perfect.  But it’s the day after that proved to me that I was truly with the right person.  That’s because everything was definitely not perfect.

We had a huge honeymoon planned.  A once in lifetime trip to Hawaii with tons of golf and sightseeing.  But we woke up that morning to a surprise spring snowstorm, slippery roads and a crazy airport.

When we’d left the hotel, the airports were open and planes were flying.  By the time we got to Laguardia, of course, the flights were all canceled.  Slade and I had let the taxi go and we were standing there with our pile of bags.  We had not packed light and now we were faced with figuring out what do to next.

Slade took one look at my face and must have seen the panic.  He told me to go call my mom and tell her we were coming back home.  I think he was trying to get me away from the ticket counter.  Good move.

At Laguardia, as at many airports, you get dropped off at one floor and picked up at another.   They do the same thing with the public transportation and the taxi stand.  Trust me, they are not flexible about this.  An incoming taxi is NOT an outgoing taxi, even as it drives OUT of the airport. We had to schlep all our bags (I think we had about 8 including golf clubs) downstairs just to get a taxi home.  Have you ever tried to get a taxi in a snowstorm?  How about one to take you 45 minute north of NYC?  Slade did it – I didn’t ask how much he paid.

Back at my parents house, I took a nap.  Slade stayed on the phone and worked on our flights and our trip.  When I woke up a few hours later, my dad told me quote – "your new husband is a hero."  Somehow, shifting our vacation a day saved us a ton of money and we still got to keep all our plans intact.

So this year, we aren’t going to Hawaii, but there isn’t a snowstorm in sight.  Our lives are so busy that we’re not really celebrating this milestone until September and the closest we’ll come to a night out to mark the anniversary is a charity fund raising dinner next Thursday. 

But it’s all good.  We’ve got our awesome kids now – more full of surprise than any snowstorm – and while we’re smart enough to pack light our cargo is more precious than before.  Ten years later, it’s good to know wherever we travel, Slade will always make sure we get home.