While I write quite a bit about diabetes here and on Facebook and Twitter, I don't always turn to  social media for support.  Got a good reminder recently that someone who "gets" diabetes is a just a click away.

Saturday was a record-breaking 101 degrees here. We went out to lunch and then I took Benny's pump off so the kids could run through a nearby splash fountain. Back home and spent the afternoon inside, trying to beat the heat. 

The afternoon blood sugar check was a shocker: 500BG.  Big bolus, but an hour later Benny said he didn't feel well.  At this check we got the dreaded HIGH GLUCOSE!  A closer look and the problem was quickly apparent - no pump!  I had forgotten to click it back on after the fountain run – four hours earlier. You've got to be kidding me.

Minutes later I dropped the meter.  The new remote meter – the one we just got in June. Slipped out of my hands, onto the floor. Crack.  Aaargh!

I took my frustration to Twitter. Here are some of the great responses: 

     @kellyemmaellisThe Party Wizards @staceysimms oh no simple mistake!! At least it can be
     easily corrected with pump and Benny had been nice and active to take the edge off!!
     @Diabetic_Iz_MeCherise/LADA @staceysimms hugs! How's he doing?
     @DMomBlogLeighann D-Mom @staceysimms It happens. You realized it and are taking care
     of the situation. He'll be fine. ((hugs))
     @DMomBlogLeighann D-Mom @staceysimms Does he feel like crud? Don't be hard on 
      yourself, look at how many times we get it *right*.
     @Kate_Ireland123 Kate Banks @staceysimms diabetes is 24/7, you are not. You can't be
     perfect all the time. Its not your fault, you treated it, it's over 🙂
     @PortblPancGrl Stacey D. @ @staceysimmsglad he's ok! And hope his BG gets back to
     normal soon.
Within minutes, I felt better. Still mad and frustrated, but no longer alone.