My trip to Syracuse earlier this month was a reunion for WJPZ – the student run radio station and “The greatest media classroom in the world!” It really is amazing.  However I only worked there for about five minutes, and I still kick myself for not doing more.  However, I was smart enough to have a wonderful roommate who did! We’re still great friends and Beth and her husband, Dave, are the real reason we decided to head to the frozen tundra. (why do they hold reunions in Syracuse before spring even pretends to start?)

Easy plane ride there – we saw Nancy Pelosi at Reagan National (flying commerical?) – and made it to town in time for lunch at Cosmos. Little did I know it would be the beginning of an entire weekend of ridiculous food on the SU campus.

Above is a THB – a toasted honey bun. They split a sugary honey bun (it’s just a big ol’ donut), grill it, and put two huge scoops of ice cream on top.  Yes, that’s a little bit of butter on the side! I can’t begin to tell you how good this is – and I hope to never see one again.

Dinner was pizza, wings and piles of fries at Varsity. I had a wrap – I didn’t even know Varsity served wraps – but I can’t eat like this anymore!  No wonder I gained 20 pounds in college.  We missed going to the Dinosaur (I know!) so we’ll have to make a trip back.

I took part in a panel discussion about the future of radio. Matt Friedman wrote about that quite nicely here.  As for career advice – seems to me the students who stuck around on a sunny Friday afternoon to listen to our panel are already motivated enough. They’ll make it work (I got to meet and talk to several of them one on one.  Seriously smart kids, most of whom already have part time jobs in radio or media).

The formal banquet Saturday night was a nice chance to reconnect.  Here’s our table:


(Back row Henry Ferry, Beth & Dave Gorab, me, Slade – Front row, Scott Meach, Hal Rood, Ken Scott, Larry Ross)
Also, I hope they fix that construction on I-81.  We just had to get one more last meal in Sunday morning and we almost missed the plane.  I was so frazzled, I tried to walk onto the wrong flight – really. The detour did take us past the Little Gem Diner, though! Luckily, we were full – or I’m pretty sure we would have stopped!