I recently wrote about the trouble we have getting Benny's inset to stay on during long periods in the water.  Beach trips and waterparks are a huge headache because he hasn't liked the idea of putting anything over or under the inset to help it stay put.

(An inset is how an insulin pump connects to the body. More on exactly how it works here)

We went to the beach this month and, low and behold, Benny changed his mind! After the inset came off on our first splash through the waves, we picked up some large waterproof band-aids and asked if he'd give it a try. "Sure," we were surprised to hear him say.  Just like that, another milestone reached. I knew it would happen, just never thought it would be so soon after I wrote about it!



We tried two brands (left) and each was fine, but this method is far from perfect.  The band-aid completely covers the inset so we had to remove it to give Benny insulin.  We did about two band-aid changes a day, carefully peeling it off (and holding our breath) while the inset stayed in.

That meant an infusion set change once every three days ( as normal) instead of twice a day, which we've had to do before on these kinds of trips.

Most people in this situation use IV tape and cut a hole in it for the inset. We were given some tape at diagnosis, but since Benny didn't like it, we haven't looked at it since 2007. When we pulled it out before our trip we realized the expiration date is accurate - no sticky four years later!



Thanks for the great suggestions after my original post, including this from Misty of Box of Chocolates.  She found a new kind of tape that comes pre-cut. My health insurance won't pay for that right now; I had to go with the "house brand" from my diabetes supply company. (Their words but don't you love the idea of a "house" brand instead of a generic? Makes me want to order a bottle!)

I'm excited to try the tape so we can give insulin while protecting the inset. I do think the totally band-aid covered site may still be the best idea for the beach - all that sand and salt. It certainly made this trip easier.

All in all, another reminder that as Benny grows and changes, so does his diabetes care and knowledge.  A reminder to be patient, go with the flow and enjoy all these crazy, wonderful times. 


Lea & Benny lead the way to the beach! (click on the picture to enlarge – you can easily see Benny's pump on his waistband)