Panther Camp

We’re broadcasting live today from Panthers training camp in Spartanburg. I’m having some computer issues while we’re on the road, so this is picture of us from last year. (l-r that’s Jim Szoke, Al Gardner, Jake Delhomme and me) . More pictures and news from today coming later!

Hometown Hero

Every Friday, WBT selects a “hometown hero.” This person is an unsung hero recognized for their efforts in making our community a better place to live. Recently, I nominated Dani Angell. Here’s why (this is what we read on the show): When a soldier is called to serve, his family sacrifices with him. For a…


It Bounces!

To say the pump transition has not gone as planned would be an understatement. I can honestly say I never thought Benny would grab his brand new pump and throw it across the room. I cringed when it landed on our kitchen floor, but it seems to be okay. First, there was a mix up…