This blog will be a place to talk about my family’s experience with Type I Diabetes as well as a chance to share a little bit more about myself and about Charlotte’s Morning News, our show on NewsTalk 1110 WBT.

A Bad Button

We love our insulin pump. It’s really changed how we treat Benny’s diabetes, gives us more flexibility and allows us to let him eat almost whatever he wants. The only problem is when there’s a problem. And we had a big one yesterday. Benny’s “button” came out at daycare. That’s what we call the inset,…


Under Cover

For some reason, I’ve been thinking more lately about what I put on under my clothes. This all started for me when Keith Larson spent a whole show talking about an undergarment that enhances the size of your rear. I don’t remember what it’s called (please don’t ask!) but it’s only sold locally at one…


The Mayor and Me

Yes, that’s Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory showing me some respect. We’re both laughing so hard I’m surprised the picture even came out! Here’s what happened: This week Al & I played in the Charlotte Rotary Club’s annual golf tournament – it’s a great time, tons of people and they raise lots of money for scholarships.…