I’ve never been big on flowers for Valentine’s Day. I much prefer chocolate. Maybe it’s the timing? Valentine’s Day comes right about the time I’m ready to give up on my New Year’s diet. This year, I’ve got something even better for all of us to consider.

Please check out the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign going on right now. This is a way to get life-saving diabetes supplies and education to children in developing countries.

We complain about the cost of health care in this country and I’m never thrilled to spend hours with my insurance company arguing chatting about Benny’s diabetes supplies. I’m grateful, though, that my child has access to insulin and whatever else we decide he needs to live with diabetes. Other children around the world are not so lucky. For many of them, diabetes can be a death sentence

You can help. Think about buying one less rose this Valentine’s Day. Just one. Your sweetie can still receive a beautiful bouquet and you can put the price of that rose (let’s say $5) to save a child’s life. Click here to learn more (www.sparearose.org). The campaign continues through February 14th.