Great idea from a heart-wrenching story.  Tomorrow, Friday August 14th at 12noon EST, send a message of thanks to our troops over Facebook or Twitter.  

That's it. A simple, wonderful idea that's quickly gaining attention.  It started from the loss of 4 soldiers from North Carolina in June, killed in Iraq, all on the same day.  You can read that story, and more about tomorrow's 12noon event, at Mike Redding's blog (click here).

We talked to Mike this morning on WBT and we'll chat again tomorrow.  If you don't have a twitter or facebook account, you can send your thanks tot he troops through Mike's blog.

It's a social media story.  Interesting, because this is the first story on NewsTalk 1110 WBT that, as far as I know, originated purely through social media. (I know, I don't like that term either.)

Yesterday, listener Brian Christiansen sent me a Facebook message about Mike, known to most people around here at the Carolina Traveler – a terrific segment that used to run on our NBC affiliate. Brian messaged over FB that I should check out Mike's latest post. So I did.

Mike and I follow each other on Twitter.  So I sent out a tweet (hate that word, too) that we wanted to talk to him and he should send an email to our producer, Charles.  That was that and you can listen to the interview from today's show here.

So thanks to Brian – who also takes some incredible pictures with the NC National Guard.  And thanks to Mike for his great idea.  Now let's all say thanks tomorrow at noon.