I have never been known as a very patient person. I'm also not one to get a lot of sleep. So the last three weeks could be some sort of cosmic payback or even life's way of teaching me a lesson. 


I'm recovering after a big scare involving a prescription drug's serious effect on my liver (more here).  It's probably too soon for me to be laughing at stuff like this (left) but the website Iheartguts is so ridiculous it's funny. They specialize in plush organs. That's right, cute & fuzzy versions of your heart & pancreas.

I'm definitely getting better, but it's relative. Right now, getting better means sleeping maybe 12-14 hours a day instead of 18-20. It means eating bland foods like applesauce, mashed potatoes and jello instead of barely able to stomach a glass of water.  I'm thankful and I'm trying to be patient.

Since April 18th I've only left my house for doctor's visits and blood draws. Well, that's a lie. I'll probably get in trouble with either my parents (!) or my work, but I'll tell you anyway. Slade and I snuck out Saturday night and saw The Avengers.  I'm so glad we did. I was getting very down and that movie was the perfect fun distraction. (Mom, I promise, we didn't go out to dinner or anything else. Just sat in the car on the way there, sat in the theater for the show, then back in the car and home.)

One of my nurses helped me a lot, too. I was getting a little whiny about how long my recovery was taking. She set me straight, telling me how lucky I am we caught this early. Another recent patient, similar age, similar circumstance, took months to get where I am now. 

I have missed some great stuff. The Charlotte JDRF Walk and our first time as a family team. Benny's Brigade did great, thanks so much to our wonderful friends who stepped in to make sure Lea & Benny had fun.  I missed several events at which I was supposed to speak or MC.  Another JDRF walk, the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year, etc. Again, everyone has been gracious and understanding.

I am very hopeful I'll be well enough to travel to NYC for my dad's 70th birthday party later this month. That's something I can't imagine missing.

I'm teling you, though, I do have to get out of this house again soon. Does anyone read ASOIAF, the George RR Martin series? I keep thinking of Strong Belwas and all that liver & onions.  (If you watch HBO Game of Thrones, we'll just have to wait & see if he shows up!)

I truly hope to be back at work on Monday, May 14th, if for no other reason than I am sick and tired of changing my out of office email message! Truly, that's a moving target. I'm just trying to take it slow and steady and yes, be… patient. 

Thanks so much for reading, commenting and checking in. Your messages are really helping me get through this.