School started today and, sure enough, my phone started ringing just after 12 noon. I answered, "Oh no, not already!" goofing around,  thinking the staff just had a blood sugar or carb question. No such luck:  Benny's inset had come out and I needed to go to school.

Didn't we have enough excitement the first week of school last year?


(Just in case you're new here… my son has type 1 diabetes and wears a pump to receive his insulin. The inset -right- is how the pump connects to his body. No inset, no insulin, no good.)


A quick drive to school and a quick walk to Benny's class. He jumped up and asked, "Am I going home?" No. "Can we at least do this somewhere private?" Of course. "Can I play with your phone?" Fine.

I took him into the nurse's office, he squeezed my hand and we popped the new inset in.  It hurts (there's a needle) and we didn't have time to use the numbing cream as usual. Actually, since diabetes camp earlier this summer, he skips the cream about half the time.  I don't know what magic they use at D-camp, but I'm still amazed by that trick!

I asked Benny why he thought the inset came out; it hasn't been much of a problem lately.  He said his tubing got caught on something during recess. I reminded him to keep it coiled up neatly, he rolled his eyes at me and smiled.

Back outside the classroom I gave him a big hug and he ran in to join his friends.  

I'm so proud of him and how he takes these moments in stride.  At the age of 7 already manages most of his diabetes care himself (with adult supervision).  In just a few years he'll be able to do everything and I won't have to go to school at all.

That's a good thing, right?