Did you ever wish you had the chance to relive a moment? Maybe make it better the second time around? I have that chance, but I need your help. It's the LIVE with Regis and Kelly Women of Radio Co-Host For a Day.  You see, me and Regis, we go way back.

I spent the summer before my senior year in college with an internship at WABC in New York.  That's in the same building as Regis & Kelly (of course back then, Kathie Lee was still the co-host).  I had a three-day a week internship, working for the medical reporter, Dr. Jay Adlersburg.  I think I met him once. Mostly I worked with the producer. Mostly, I sorted mail.

I loved going to work right near Lincoln Center, loved being in that newsroom. Growing up watching WABC, I felt like I was breathing rare air every day. The room was almost shimmery. I suppose it could have been the hairspray, but it felt like my bright future.Regis

One morning, as I walked through the lobby, I saw the doors closing and yelled out, "Hold the elevator, please!"  A hand shot out to stop the door and I bounced in. "Thanks!" I chirped. Then I looked at the man attached to the hand. It was Regis Philbin himself! I was alone in the elevator with Regis!

Even more amazing, he was talking to me. He was inviting me to work on LIVE!  Oh wait, he was asking me which floor I needed.  I told him and he said, "Oh, you work in the newsroom." Then he said, "Tell Bill Beutel he owes me five bucks." Okay, I made up that last bit. (I loved Bill Beutel.  A New York legend, he was one of the few anchors who actually talked to interns)  

"Why yes," I said, suddenly trying to hold my briefcase and my coffee in a way I imagined a producer or a reporter would.  "The WABC newsroom." Were there others in the building? 

"Well, have a great day," he said.  The door opened and Regis walked out into the LIVE floor.  "You too!" I called. I floating within the elevator as it traveled the remaining five floors up.

My internship ended, I went back to college, got a part time job at WSYR radio, graduated from Syracuse and then got my first full-time job in Utica, NY. It was a far cry from the glittery WABC Lincoln Center experience. There were no other shows taping in the building. There wasn't an elevator. Some nights, there was barely a newscast – this is the kind of small TV station where the anchor operates her own TelePrompTer with a foot pedal. But it was exactly where I belonged and I loved every minute.

Fast-forward a few years and now I'm loving every minute at WBT radio.  But boy, wouldn't it be fun to go back to 7 Lincoln Center for a morning and revisit my star-struck 20-year old intern self?  This time I'd get to meet Regis for more than a moment, perhaps even have a genuine conversation. And tell him thanks, for making my already exciting internship even more memorable.

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