So much to share about our quick trip to Syracuse last week. We went back for the first time in a very long time for SU’s student-run radio station reunion. (More soon on WJPZ – the greatest media classroom in the world!)

SU was #1 for about 5 minutes, so we had some fun watching the Louisville game at the Sheraton Syracuse, where we stayed.  That was great – turns out an old friend of ours, Rich Duda, is the manager there! They’ve redone much of the hotel and while I remember it being very nice, it really was terrific. They even won the 2009 Good Earthkeeping Award (see, Rich, told you I’d pass it along!!).

So here’s my only complaint.  SU has such a great mascot – the adorable Otto the Orange. Lately, they’ve been trying to make Otto look tough. This is a mistake.  An orange is not a tough guy – he’s a cutie.


Ottogood Ottomean
(I can’t get them the same size. It looks like Mean Otto ate Good Otto!)

I saw the worst one ever this weekend, though.  So excited to find golf club covers in Manny’s on Marshall Street until I looked a little closer.  That’s his nose, but doesn’t it look a little too much like a mustache?


I yelled out, “Hitler Otto!” in the middle of the store. Classy.  It’s enough to make you want to bring back the Saltine Warrior.