First, the pump. We have a launch date. If all goes well, Benny goes “live” on the insulin pump Monday July 9th.

This Wednesday Benny should start wearing the pump and all that goes with it, but he won’t have any actual insulin in it. We’ll see how quickly he gets used to wearing it all the time. Then on July 9th, we’re supposed to start the real deal.

I didn’t think we’d been talking too much about the pump to Benny, but Saturday night I found out he’s been picking up signals. We were talking to our babysitter about how, while she can’t give insulin injections, she may be able to use the pump. When he heard that, he pulled up his shirt and told her, “my pump goes on my belly!” There’s a little girl at his preschool with a pump, so he knows what it looks like.

It’s weird because for the first week or so on the pump, he’ll still need shots, so I can’t tell him the pump means no more injections. Will a two and a half year old understand the concept of next week? As in, “wear this thing in a fanny pack around your waist all the time, even when you sleep because next week it’ll mean you won’t need the five shots a day we’re currently poking into you.” I’ll let you know how it works out!

Now, the fairy. Lea finally lost that loose tooth. It came out as we were leaving our neighborhood pool last night. We were talking to some friends when we heard Lea yelling, “stop!” to Benny. He was stomping on something on the ground – we thought it was a bug. It was her tooth!

For some reason, I started stressing about what the tooth fairy should leave. $1? That sounded right, but should I leave a note as well? Or $1 and a note that she can buy a new book? That’s all she wants these days, which is great and something I want to encourage. I decided I was trying just a little bit too hard and we went with $1. She’s so excited to show everyone at camp today; that seems like reward enough. Plus, she’s already got another loose tooth. I don’t want to start high and end up breaking the bank!