Benny came home last night after spending the evening at a friend’s house. It was about 9pm, he’d had a great time and felt fine. About 15 minutes later, we heard the Dexcom low alarm.  We have it set at 90 and, after more than a year with the CGM, I admit, we no longer jump like maniacs when it goes off. But he got my attention when two minutes later he looked at it and yelled, “Mom! I’m 77 double arrows going down!”

I gave him a Gatorade and goldfish crackers, a total of 50 carbs. That’s normally way too much for 77, but with double arrows down, I figured we’d just correct later. He even took the pump off for about 20 minutes; a good time as any to do the insulin cartridge he needed before bed. I expected a huge BG spike, but it never came.

When he was feeling better, I asked him what he thought happened. I assumed they were running around in the cold but, no, they were just watching a movie. “Did you eat anything at E’s house?” I asked. He’d had a bowl of popcorn, “But I bolused for it.” How much? “I guessed there were about 67 carbs.” Interestingly specific. How much popcorn? How big was that bowl? He decided it was about as big as the serving I usually give him. Yeah, that’s about 25 carbs.




I laughed. And so did Slade when I told him. Why was it funny? I’m still not sure.  Maybe because diabetes is ridiculous. It’s silly to think anyone is going to get everything about it right all the time, let alone a ten year old.

Pop away.