Baseball season! As a diabetes mom, I’m a big fan.  The dugout is an easy place to check blood sugar and grab a snack. Plus, the pace of the game is a bit less frenetic. We’re coming off basketball and all that running made for some funky low BGs.

Having said that, Benny went low about 15 minutes into his first baseball practice.  Dropping from a comfy 150 with arrows holding on the Dexcom to a 90 with double arrows down. He chugged a Powerade, sat down for a few minutes and went back in. His blood sugar never went above 80 for the rest of the practice (or for about an hour after). No big spike later either.

During a practice like that, I’m basically pacing and looking at the CGM.  I try to distract myself with my phone, too.  That’s when I came across Cory Vaughn on Twitter, where he goes by @SugarfreeCV.  Vaughn has type 1 diabetes and he’s an outfielder prospect for the New York Mets. The METS?! That’s my team!! Well, sort of.

When I was a little girl my dad used to take us to one or two games a year. My sister and I loved it because our seats were near the Haagen Dazs ice cream vendor.  This was before you could buy everything and anything in the grocery store; it was a real treat. When we got a little older, we found a different distraction – using our binoculars to check out cute players. Not quite the experience my dad had in mind, but we always had fun!

Cory Vaughn

Cory Vaughn

After practice, I showed Benny this picture and we talked about sports and diabetes. He told me to tell Cory he says hi (I’ll get right on that). Benny is always excited when we sees someone in sports with type 1, but I can’t say he’s impressed.  We’ve told him all his life that having T1D won’t hold him back.  So far, he hasn’t experienced anything to make him think that’s not true.

We parents know a little more about the negatives. We know what can go wrong and we’ve seen limits other people try to impose.  I think sometimes we need the inspiration more than our children; seeing someone else with diabetes succeed reinforces my belief that my son’s going to be okay.

I’ll be watching the Mets this year and rooting for Cory. I’ll also be picking up some ice cream for the next time we have to treat a low. They still make Haagen Dazs, right?