We've made the decision to switch Benny's insulin pump. Most insurance companies will pay for a new one after four years and, as hard as it is to believe, we've hit that milestone. After researching different pumps and talking at length to our incredible diabetes educator and endocrinologists, we've decided to stay with Animas and upgrade to the OneTouch Ping.

If you're familiar with our story, you know my son's used an insulin pump 24/7 since July 4th 2007. At that time he was two years old.  We have been thrilled with pumping and with the customer service from Animas. Our only real hiccup has been the insets, but since switching to from Cleo to Animas last summer even that's been smooth sailing (this is turning into an Animas commercial!).


I think the coolest new feature here will be the remote control in the meter (in the picture above, the meter/remote is on the left, the pump is on the right). Whenever we use the pump to give Benny insulin now, we have to remove the pump from his waist and hold it for the 20-30 seconds it takes to press the buttons and then lock the pump. Benny is six and, like most kids his age, he doesn't like to sit still. This sometimes results in me bolusing (giving insulin) while walking around behind him, weaving like a kite tail.

When I told Benny about the remote feature, his response was, "Wow, now I'll be like a normal kid!"  That surprised me, because he seems to understand the only difference will be the remote, we've told him nothing else will change. I do think stealthy pumping will make him feel less self-conscious; his grown-up helpers won't have to make a big deal about getting the pump out all the time.

For more than a year, Benny's been helping with his own BG checks and using the pump with supervision. I'm told he does really well with this - when I'm not around. (What is it about mommies? No one can do anything when we're there!)

I will say I was disappointed in our health insurance here. Like most families with diabetes, we hit our deductible shortly after the year begins.  I had hoped the pump would be covered 100% but that wasn't the case. Animas has a buy-back program for the old pump, so that did help. 

We're going to let this be our only change for right now. After considering it for a while, we've decided to revisit using a CGM later on.  The continuous glucose monitor sounds incredible, but we just don't think it's right for Benny at this point.

Meantime, we're setting up the new pump/meter remote tonight.  Can't wait for the first time wireless bolus – Benny says he's going to feel like a spy kid!