First day of school! 

My daughter starts 4th grade and Benny's all set for Kindergarten. Well, almost. They stagger the start for the littlest students so he won't ride the bus for a few more days.  That's fine – it gives us another chance to go over all the diabetes info with his teacher and school.

I was excited to share our family's experience with Betsy Flagler, writer of the nationally syndicated Parent to Parent column. It ran in our local paper this week and will appear in newspapers around the country over the next ten days or so. 

Click here to read Betsy Flagler's column about back to school with type 1 diabetes.  The Charlotte Observer edited it down a bit.  I'll re-link if the original, longer version runs elsewhere, as expected.

I mention quite a few diabetes resources in the column, but I'll add one more here.  There are many wonderful parents blogging about their experiences with kids with diabetes – Leighann at D-Mom Blog has a good aggregate of back to school posts.

So here we go! I'm sure it's going to be a bumpy ride, but we're ready to buckle in and hang tight for the ups and downs.

(That's the Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds. We were just there last week and realized that – at 49" – Benny is now big enough to ride that and just about everything else.  And you think Kindergarten is supposed to scare me!)