This week marks seven years since we started Benny on an insulin pump. I remember joking about our independence from shots. Slade and I were excited to start on the Animas insulin pump. At two and a half years old, Benny wasn’t exactly so sure.

From my post in 2007 (click here to read it all):

“To say the pump transition has not gone as planned would be an understatement. I can honestly say I never thought Benny would grab his brand new pump and throw it across the room.We got the inset onto Benny (we’re calling it his “button”) and unlike last time, he was not happy about it. After the initial outburst (okay, it was a total tantrum – and that’s when he chucked the pump across the room) he calmed down until bedtime. When I changed him, he noticed the “button” on his tush and told me to ‘off it.’

So, it wasn’t perfect. And inset changes, while much easier, sometimes still hurt (that’s how the pump attaches to Benny’s body and it’s like getting a big shot). Overall, pumping has been a terrific experience. The Animas pump has given Benny more flexibility, discretion and independence in managing his diabetes.  The dosing is more accurate and consistent and caregivers who were reluctant to give shots were much more comfortable with pressing buttons.

Pumping isn’t for everyone with diabetes, of course. We know lots of people who get great control and numbers on shots or with insulin pens. But it was the 100% right decision for us.



Happy Independence Day!