My son loves New Jersey.

He's not a Springsteen fan – and we're from New York originally. But Benny's cousin Aaron lives in New Jersey.  Aaron was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago, just before his 7th birthday. Benny loves talking to him – they both have blue Animas pumps! - and Aaron recently helped get him a lot more excited about using his meter remote (Benny was a little nervous about the change).

He's going to flip when he sees this. 

The song is "One Day Closer," by Natalie Acciani.  All proceeds benefit JDRF and some of the South Jersey JDRF Youth Ambassadors – including Aaron and his mom – are in the video:   


You can see Aaron and his mom, my cousin Lara, hugging at around 1:50 in, but they're all over the video along with a bunch of adorable kids. Yes, Aaron's mom is my cousin so that technically makes him Benny's second cousin? First cousin once removed? Let's just leave it at diabetes buddy and fellow Lego master. And of course, a fellow New Jersey fan.

Learn more about Natalie Acciani here (and you can buy the song on iTunes, etc.)