Looking forward to a diabetes camp reunion at the ADA walk next month.  We’ve got our own team of walkers and the ADA is giving away a free week of camp to one lucky family.  Benny had a great experience his first time at camp this summer – this week our local CBS affiliate interviewed us about it.

Benny was excited but nervous – he’s been on TV before but last time he was so little he doesn’t remember. The crew met us at a nearby playground (great day, but lots of sunlight in my pics).


I never know what Benny’s going to say (he’s 7!) so when the reporter starting asking questions I held my breath. But Benny rocked it! He explained the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes (“with type 1 your pancreas doesn’t work at all. With type 2 your pancreas still makes insulin but your body doesn’t know how to use it very well anymore.”)

He checked his blood sugar for the camera (high, of course, ugh), then took out his pump, showed how it worked and explained, “It’s like a mechanical pancreas.” So proud of him.

Of course, he also told the reporter he was diagnosed at 23 months but we didn’t tell him until he was six (!) and that he checks his blood sugar only 3 times a day (more like 8-10).

My daughter and husband came too, but both were reluctant to appear on camera. We did get Lea to play with Benny for a few minutes so at least she’ll be in the piece!

Big thanks to WBTV photographer Corey Schmidt and reporter Astrid Martinez:

I’m excited to get some publicity for Charlotte’s American Diabetes Association. This is Lauren, who’s working hard for this event (and many others).


Our sister station, WLNK, is the media sponsor and the wonderful Ramona Holloway will MC.  Ramona’s had an incredible health experience this year, losing almost 70 pounds! (you can read more about her here).

Not sure when WBTV’s story on us will air, but the ADA Walk is November 3rd.  Love to have you join us!