“We know him!!”

We had just turned on the Olympics last night when this segment on skiier and type 1 diabtetic Kris Freeman came up:

Of course, we don’t really know Kris, but we’ve met him at a few diabetes events. He’s signed cards for my kids and chatted with us about everything from motivation to keeping insulin pump parts warm on the slopes.  Last summer he talked with me at the Children with Diabetes, Friends for Life conference:

I don’t know what Kris Freeman’s chances of medalling in this Olympics are. Insert cliche here about how he’s already an inspiration, right? But he is.  He is a real and true hero to our kids and to so many people touched by diabetes.

Oh, Kris also tweeted out a picture of himself with fellow skier Kikkan Randall. I’ve never seen anyone with an Omnipod on his chest (although Benny wears his Dexcom in the same place, on his side). That’s all I noticed about this picture. Just passing it along for.. um.. science.



 Thanks to Scott from ArdensDay for uploading the Olympic Zone story. It was surprisingly hard to find. C’mon NBC!!