Seriously, diabetes? You couldn't give me the first two days of school?  Personal favor? 
My cell phone rang Friday at 1pm - Benny's inset came out. Ugh. Last year I think that happened just two or three times during the entire school year.  Since the inset is how the pump connects to Benny's body, and the pump is what gives him insulin, it's a situation that needs immediate attention.
Benny has a terrific new teacher this year, but she hasn't had a student with diabetes before. Neither has an assistant they've asked to help out in class. There is so much to learn; I was hoping for at least a week or two without a hiccup. You know, let them get comfortable with the routine, confident in their ability to work with Benny.
But no, diabetes, you have to stress everybody out right away. Thanks.
Everything worked out just fine. Benny had received all the insulin he was supposed to for lunch and his blood sugar tested at 100 (nice!). But he missed class hanging out at the nurse's office and once I showed up, he asked if he could go home.
On the plus side, when we replaced the inset he got to pull the "privacy" curtain around the little cot in the office – he loves that. I also got to talk with some of the staff about questions they had. Benny did eventually go back into class without a backward glance at me.
These are the moments that anger me the most about diabetes, when I'm reminded I have no control (horrors!).  A few weeks after Benny's diagnosis we visited my parents. I was intent on showing my mom that everything was fine and we could handle anything. Of course, I burst into tears about 4 hours after we got there. Six weeks after your 2 year old is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, nothing is fine – and I couldn't keep that from my mom.
I felt that same gut-punch here. The start of school is stressful enough. It would have been great to have all smooth sailing for a while, but that's just not the way it goes. So I'll try to just consider this a reminder. Every day with diabetes can be different and everyone who's helping Benny needs to roll with that. 
Even me.   
(But let's keep the reminders few and far between. Okay, diabetes?)