We  had someone new to root for at the Bank of America 500 this weekend.  #21 Woods Brothers Racing Ford driven by Bill Elliot. That's because the car's paint design was created by an 8 year old with type 1 diabetes. 

Jdrfpaintnascar This is part of a great contest by Ford Customer Service Division to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Children with type 1 colored in an outline of a car and submitted the design. After some fund-raising (which did not determine the outcome), they announced the winner: Carson Luther of Missouri.  You can read more about it here.

I won't pretend to be anything more than a casual NASCAR fan, and I love going to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the big races.



It's an incredible scene and there is nothing like seeing, hearing and feeling 43 cars go all out right in front of you. What a spectacle.

They put on a great show leading up to the race. These are my lame cell phone pictures of just after the driver announcements (left).






Then they clear all those people off the track and start the race. Look closely at this one, (right), those streaks are cars!







Big thanks to everyone at Charlotte Motor Speedway for their support of JDRF.

This is CMS President and GM Marcus Smith. I had the chance to bend his ear for a few minutes Saturday night and we're going to cook up something locally for JDRF. 

As part of that official effort, I'm pushing for the chance to drive the #21 car around the track. What? I already drive my minivan that fast!