There are times when you’re sort of forced to put things in perspective. Saturday night was one of those times for me and my husband, Slade.
Our plans were for dinner and a show. I love musicals and Slade bought tickets a while back for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. We decided to eat uptown at Harry & Jean’s – I’d sampled their food during Taste of Charlotte last year and have been meaning to go back since then.
Great meal, nice atmosphere and I asked our waiter to have a manager stop by our table. I wanted to complement him and talk about the Taste of Charlotte. But when the manager came over, I was surprised to find it was Roger Polsky.
Name doesn’t ring a bell? Roger is married to Melissa Greer, the meteorologist at WBTV who’s been fighting an extremely rare form of cancer, found only because she was having symptoms during pregnancy. The baby was born in an Iowa hospital, one of the few in this country that’s treated Melissa’s type of cancer. The baby is doing well, even after the chemotherapy Melissa had while pregnant. Melissa had 12 hours of surgery; she’s been released from the hospital but will stay in Iowa until the baby can come home too. There’s a lot more to the story and you can read about it at
Roger sat down with us for a while. We’d never met before, but I used to work at WBTV and I work just down the hall now. I found out he didn’t even realize Melissa was on TV until after they started dating. He’s not a spotlight-seeking kind of guy, but he couldn’t have been more appreciative of the prayers, good wishes and donations that have come in.
There’s still a long road ahead for Roger & Melissa. Getting everyone back home together. Then they’ll probably go to Europe for more treatment.
We had talked for so long that we were late for the show. It didn’t really matter. As we walked along the few blocks of Tryon Street to the Belk Theatre we didn’t have much to say. Slade held out his hand and I took it.