When we found out our not-yet-two year old son had Type I Diabetes, I thought of one family.

I had profiled the McFeeleys on Health Headlines: The Show here at NewsTalk 1110. Patrick & Shauna talked about their twin daughters who have Type I. The girls are 11 now, diagnosed at ages 1 and 2. As you can imagine, they are incredibly passionate about this issue. Pat headed up the local chapter of JDRF for several years, Shauna is still on the board of directors.

When we got home from the hospital, I immediately got in touch with Pat. He and Shauna met with us to commiserate and to look ahead. They let me cry and made us laugh. Our family has a lot to learn about diabetes, but the McFeeleys started us on our path with hope, resolve and their incredible energy.

They’re still very active with JDRF and so, here’s the point. The Walk to Cure Diabetes is JDRF’s biggest fundraiser. It happens April 21st. We’ll likely have a family team next year, but we wanted to sort of just dip a toe in the water this time around. The McFeeley family has been kind enough to invite us to join their crew.

Please consider clicking here to see their webpage. You can contribute to the walk or just learn more about the local JDRF.

To see where the money goes, and JDRF has an excellent reputation, check out the International Foundation’s 2006 Annual Report. Notice the good looking family on the left side of the front page. Pat, Shauna, Ashley, Amanda & Maddie McFeeley. Thanks for all that you’ve done. It’s already made a big difference for families like mine.