Bias comes in many forms. And the end of the 1970s marked a significant turn – and began a dark period – of discrimination against mustached Americans.

While until then it was fashionable to wear a mustache, virtually overnight, it became a fad reserved for the likes of law enforcement, steel workers, motor cross drivers, and members of the Village People.

– from the American Mustache Institute.

I've got mustaches on the mind because this Friday I'll be judging the winner of Mustaches for Kids Charlotte. It's a really fun group – Grow A 'Stache, Raise Some Cash – and the money helps public schools through DonorsChoose.

This is a pet project of some friends of ours.  Joe Romanelli and my husband have been friends for probably close to 20 years and his wife, Susan Tran, is the former WSOC anchor here in Charlotte. The guys start off with a clean shave and raise money for four weeks while the whiskers grow in. 

Here's a picture of some of last year's contestants. I think that's the winner in there. the crown may not mean what I think it means, though.  Like I said, it's a fun crowd.


As a judge, I may have an unfair advantage.  My husband has always had a mustache. A little out of the ordinary, I suppose, but it suits him.  He grew more of a combination goatee thing the last couple of years. As far as I know, though, he doesn't have a hat like any of these guys. (It's the little things we're grateful for!)

Judging's Friday night. I'll post the best and the worst next week!