Back to blogging after a break for the holidays.  Quick recap of recent stuff:

We visited my mom and dad in Florida over Christmas break.  Moved Benny into the "big boy" bed and out of the crib while we were there.  My mom has a crib, but she shares it with some other Grandmas down there and she wasn’t in the rotation this time.  Benny turned three at the end of December so it seemed like a good time to make the transition.  So far so good at home (except for one night when he got out of bed a million times).

While in Florida my sister and I snuck away for a spa trip.  We stayed at the Jupiter Beach Resort (nice) and ate dinner at the Food Shack (very nice!).  Really, it’s called the Food Shack and it’s in a Publix supermarket shopping center.  The food is amazing and there’s always a line out the door. 

The kids had a blast at the pool – we even got to the beach one day.  Lea decided she wants to be on our neighborhood swim team this summer.  I’m not sure she’ll have time.  Grandpa took her to the driving range and now she’s talking about golf camp.   It would be so much fun to hit the links with my daughter – I can’t even get my hopes up!

Back at home, it’s all politics at work.  Iowa, New Hampshire, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff mess and Mayor Pat McCrory likely running for Governor.  I wonder how many golf courses there are in Raleigh?

I will resist making political predictions or spending to much time of that here – we do more than enough on Charlotte’s Morning News.  I’ve got a bet with Al dating back to November of 2004 that Hillary will be the nominee and I did predict a Huckabee-Hillary match up back last Spring.  But so far all we’ve learned about this year’s presidential race is that nobody knows nothing.  And with so much at stake, having so many choices isn’t a bad thing at all.

As I said earlier, Benny turned 3 and we’re just charging ahead with his diabetes.  I think he’s doing great.  He’s been growing a lot lately (gained three pounds in two months!) so we’re looking at adjusting his insulin levels again.  He is very interested in the results when I check his blood sugar.  He’s always asking "low or high?" and wondering if he gets a juice box! 

I do think this is going to be a very big year for Benny in terms of understanding his diabetes and why he wears an insulin pump.  He’s already got the terminology down ("I need a bolus") and we’re talking more about exactly what the pump does. ("I’m telling your pump how many carbs you’re eating").   The best is when the insulin in the pump is a few hours from running out – it plays music.  Our plays Beethoven’s Fur Elise, which he knows from Disney’s Little Einstein cartoon.  Benny loves when that happens ("my pump is talking to me!").

Totally different subject, but you heard it here first – the best show of the year on television is.. How To Look Good Naked.  I talked about this during the Health Healdines segment last Friday, before the show aired, and watched it on DVR over the weekend.  I’m not normally a Lifetime Channel viewer and I can’t believe I’m endorsing a show that seems to be a spinoff of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but it’s just terrific.  This show is a must watch for every women and teenage girl.  Yes, it’s a little silly – and a bit racy – but it will also absolutely make you realize how much time we all waste beating ourselves up no matter our dress size.  Watch it once and I promise you’ll feel good about yourself.