Just looked up at the row of TVs in our studio and saw that Jeff Glor is anchoring the CBS Early Show with Hannah Storm today. I used to work with Jeff and some other folks who are now at CBS (read that blog entry here).

If you read that, you’ll see I also used to work with Susan Koeppen, now the Consumer Reporter at CBS. So I look up a minute later and see Jeff & Susan doing a segment together on the Early Show. Hi guys!

I promise I won’t rehash this every time they’re on – seems like that’ll be pretty often now – but just a little more name dropping before I stop.

I have to give a shout out to Matthew Berry, aka, The Talented Mr. Roto. We were friends in college and he went out to LA to write for television and movies. Turns out, he actually made more money writing about fantasy baseball. Now he’s ESPN’s senior director of fantasy sports. You can read his blog here.

Another college friend and my roommate for our first jobs after college, she’s known as B.B. Good and does middays on Radio Disney.

Last time I wrote this type of blog I heard from Eric Stangel. He’s the head writer for Late Show with David Letterman and we emailed back and forth after he read my entry. I heard from some other friends and I forgot to tell Eric something. Turns out one of my friends had a big crush on him in college. It was B.B!

So that’s it with the name dropping. Unless CBS decides to hire somebody else I used to work with. In the meantime, if you’re famous and I know you, drop me a line!