BabymonitorI took the baby monitor out of my son's room. He's 7. I know what you're thinking - that's way too soon.

No? Well, you probably don't have a child with type 1 diabetes.

One of our biggest fears is an overnight low blood sugar. Low BG (hypoglycemia) is dangerous at any time, but sleeping through it is something else altogether. If you're asleep, you can't correct; untreated hypoglycemia can cause serious damage to your body. It can cause seizures, coma, even death (I hate to write that).  

That's why so many parents check their child's blood sugar overnight, every night. We checked Benny at 11pm and 3:30am for probably 2-3 years before we gradually backed off. For us, it was a combination of getting more comfortable with diabetes and realizing that Benny wakes up when he's high or low. I understand many children sleep through, no matter their blood sugar, but that's not our experience. 

(In fact, right now we're going through one of those periods just before we adjust his insulin dose. He's waking up 1-2 times every night with his BG a bit high.  Maybe he's growing, maybe it's hormones, but whatever it is, I'm putting the under-eye concealer on just a bit thicker this week.)

This summer we realized it was time to unplug.  While I was sick all those weeks my mother came to stay with us. She kept the "mother unit" of the monitor in her room so Slade could get some rest. That was the theory, anyway. In reality, Benny just quietly walked into our room if he needed us (thanks for that 1am wakeup call, dude)! Not once did my mother hear a peep through her console.

I know some D-parents will read this and shake their heads or be fearful for us.  Yes, we've heard about the MySentry monitor (great writeup here from but we don't use a CGM with Benny. A continuous glucose monitor is something we'll look into when he's a bit older.  Right now, we're just not crazy about the idea of two insets (where an insulin pump or CGM connects to the body).

I used to joke that we'd keep the monitor in Benny's room until he went off to college. Some nights I still feel weird not seeing that little red light on in my room.  Our philosophy, though, is all about independence and teaching Benny the skills he'll need for life. This feels like a step in that direction.