I got quite a bit of email asking me to write something about Melissa Greer’s untimely death from cancer this past Friday. I wrote here back in February about running into her husband, Roger, while Slade and I were out one night.

To be honest, I didn’t know Melissa very well. WBT is in the same building as WBTV, but since Melissa usually worked on the weekend our paths rarely crossed. The last time I saw her was a few weeks before her moved-up due date. She was still pregnant with Connor and optimistic about a healthy delivery. That was in January, and she was still very hopeful that the chemotherapy had worked. Just a few days later, a scan showed otherwise and they moved up her already-early scheduled delivery date.

WBTV tells her story better than I ever could; they have a wonderful memorial page set up.

So what can be said about the death of a 27 year old new mom, successful in the career she’d always dreamed about with a wonderful husband (who didn’t even realize she was on tv when they first met!)? If you can find the words, credit to you. All I can do is wish Melissa’s family some hope and comfort in her incredible strength and their miracle of little Connor.