Benny is at a "regular" day camp now; it's our first time trying this sort of thing. We did a basic diabetes education for the staff and set up a schedule for blood sugar checks, eating and giving insulin. The counselors are just supervising – Benny is doing all work. Remember, he's 7! We're so proud of him (and, fingers crossed, so far so good).

Except.. yesterday at dinner he asked me if poking fingers too many times for BG checks could make someone die. That's what another camper apparently told him (thanks, kid). I suggested that maybe the other boy thought Benny was losing a lot of blood when he tested which could be dangerous. But that a drop or two a couple of times a day was fine.

He looked skeptical. Thankfully, the amazing Joslin Medalists popped into my head (more below). I told Benny that there are people living with diabetes for 50 years or more and checking their blood sugar didn't make them die, it helped them live longer.

"I bet they've tested a thousand times," he said. I laughed and got out the calculator.  Benny was diagnosed 5.5 years ago (that's about 2000 days).  We do BG checks approximately 7 times a day (often more).  He was very impressed to see he's poked his fingers more than 14,000 times and lived to tell the tale.

This is my favorite video featuring the Joslin Medalists. It's from the wonderful SixUntilMe. Thanks for letting me share it here, Kerri.