Imagine your whole school cheering for you. Six young students at St. Mark Catholic School in Huntersville had that experience this week. It was the kick off to their JDRF Kids Walk and it was wonderful.

I MC'd the event and talked with a few of the families.  The Langbo family has 4 children at St. Mark's, three of them have type 1.  I spoke with their oldest, Luke about what it's like to have your school cheer you on. In this video, you'll also hear from Luke's mom, Terri Langbo and an adorable second grader named Robert.

(Sorry about the audio levels - it starts out LOUD!  I'm using a Flip camera and I don't think it likes the noisy crowd.)


The guy doing the jumping jacks is former NFL player Tony George. He has type 1 diabetes and he spoke about what that means for an athlete. He also talked to the children about the importance of staying fit and exercising whether you have diabetes or not. They loved him.

A few quick pix (more on Facebook):

My view from the stage:


Thanks to the Panthers for sending Sir Purr.


And to the Checkers for sending Chubby.


Here I am with these amazing families. On the left is Robert's mom and little sister. On the right, part of the Langbo family. All four children in this picture have type 1 diabetes.


The JDRF Kids Walk is a little different from the big chapter walks that happen once a year. You can find out more about both here.

My son Benny's had type 1 diabetes for five years; I've been to a lot of JDRF events. I have to say, though, there is something incredible about seeing an entire school stand up and cheer for their friends. I got pretty emotional right before I had to speak. It was overwhelming – in a great way.