Pruney fingers are hard to use for blood sugar checks.

That’s one of the things we’ve learned after a few weeks at the pool this summer. Vigorous exercise can bring blood sugar down, so we have to check Benny pretty frequently while he’s swimming.

I’ve heard earlobes are a good place to check, but I can’t bring myself to do it, yet. We haven’t gotten to the point where I might actually need to – so far I can always find a spot on his little fingers that “works.”

We’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with a great pool and we spend a lot of time there. Like most little kids, Benny is non-stop action as soon as we spend inside the gates. All that exercise brings his blood sugar down, so we’re always snacking. For him, that’s pretty cool. Like last night, when he had two (two!) sugar cookies.

We’re still waiting on our insulin pump and I’m interested to see how it works out at the pool. You see, even though it’s supposed to be water proof, I don’t know anyone who takes it in the water. You can just disconnect the tubing pretty easily (you can read more about pumps here) and reattach when you come out of the pool.

Other parents have told me it’s a breeze, but I’ll wait and see for myself.

On the subject of the pump.. we ordered a sort of holder for Benny’s when he gets it. I’m not really sure how to describe it. There’s a website called Pump Wear; they offer what look like fanny packs and clothes with little pockets. It seems like a great idea for an active little kid but again, we’ll see.