I'm still responding to all of the wonderful emails and calls regarding the article that ran last week about my family's struggle with type 1 diabetes in the Charlotte Observer.  You can click here to read it.  This is a picture from the article.  I'm trying to check Benny's blood sugar while he's already digging into his snack.

BennycheckIt's always great to get more information about there about type 1 (juvenile) diabetes and I thought the writer, Beth Sussman, did a great job.  You never know how you're going to come across in these things.

I heard from lots of people living with type 1.  Armand, who's been using a pump for 20 years, Deann with a daughter diagnosed just this month and lots of other local families who share our ups and downs. 

We've been having better luck recently with Benny's inset – that's how the pump connects to his body (we call it his "button.").  He'd been pulling it out and fighting us on putting a new one back on.  After talking with some adults who wear a pump, we think he's been pulling it out because it gets itchy – sort of like an old band-aid can - so we've been trying to moisturize his skin a little bit more. 

Putting the button back on is getting better too.  We've finally been able to convince him that the lidocaine cream that dulls any pain won't hurt him.  I don't know why he started thinking that it would, but it's been a struggle.  Last couple of button changes have gone much, much better.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues that way.

If you'd like to learn more about diabetes or the great work of JDRF, check out their website here.  Thanks to all my friends, new and old, for reaching out.