How much fun was that?  We had a terrific time at the Charlotte Checkers game.  Many thanks to the team for a wonderful family experience, a terrific effort for charity and a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me and my daughter – we both rode the Zamboni!


I was invited to this game because the Checkers were donating proceeds to women’s cancer charities.  I host a health show as well as the morning show at WBT and they asked me to make an appearance and some announcements.  The ride around the rink was optional – but how could I say no?

I wasn’t sure how this would work – could I hold the kids on my lap?  Would they even let them get near the Zamboni?  In the end, we decided that Lea and I would just sort of take a walk and leave Benny & Slade in their seats.  I was glad we did; it was a long walk through the corridors of the Arena all the way to the other side where it turns out two Zambonis were waiting!  Good thing because they don’t allow riders on laps – one to a seat, please.

We passed Benny and Slade in the stands – the first time around we got smiles and waves and blew kisses.  The second time around he realized he wasn’t getting a ride and after that it wasn’t so fun.  Slade thought fast, though.  He took Benny over when the players started coming onto the ice.  Benny got high fives as they walked by and one of the players even gave him a game puck. 

The kids both got to come with me as I made some announcements.  Lea and Benny realized they were on the enormous arena television screen and everyone was happy.  Whew!

We’re likely going to another Checkers game in about two weeks, for a family night with JDRF.  I may have a problem – Lea may think she gets another spin around the ice!