Got a diagnosis on the back issues I've shared here: herniated disc. Ugh. My doctor is very optimistic that I'm already healing and we're just going to manage the pain while I improve.

One way I'm doing that is with a TENS unit. I'm not wearing it all the time right now, but for the first few days, I had it clipped to me 24/7. Benny took one look at it and said, "How come it's not wireless like mine?"

TENSunit It actually looks more like a giant meter than an insulin pump but it's got me thinking about what it might be like to walk around with diabetes gear.  Benny's had his pump for so long that it's routine for him, but for me, wearing something all day long took some getting used to. 

My recent girls-away-early-birthday weekend outfits were dictated by what I could clip the TENS unit to: no dresses and no pants without a substantial waist (it's a big clip). My clothing choices were already limited because with the back & leg pain I couldn't wear heels. I realized I have one pair of dressier pants I can wear with flats. If this continues, I will have to hem some pants, or go shopping!

I now have some serious respect for dress-loving little girls who wear insulin pumps and of course, all you grown up pump-wearing ladies. I thought about that clip every time I got dressed, packing for the trip, going to the spa (I decided to leave it off) and when I got ready for bed.  Can't even imagine what it's like to wear a pump and a CGM!

NinaGPI (Too much flash on this picture, but you can see my new accessory really well. Me and my friend Nina in front of the amazing Grove Park Inn fireplace.)

I know enough to know I don't really know what it's like to wear a pump full time, of course. It's sort of like when those dads-to-be strap on the fake pregnant bellies. They get an idea of what's going on, but it's not really the same because they know they can just take it off.

I've been happy to remove the TENS a couple of times a day – and I'll be really glad to be rid of it for good soon. Wish I could say the same thing about the need for Benny's pump. Someday, right?