If you get a holiday card from me, I promise, I wasn't drunk when I addressed it. 

I let my kids help me assemble our annual mailing.  They stuffed the envelopes, helped with the stamps and the address stickers.  Lea did a great job and she got a kick out of seeing all the names she knows on the envelopes.  Benny, on the other hand, tried his best, but I'm not sure a 3 year old really is the best person for this kind of job.  Lots of crooked stamps and bent address labels.  We had fun, though.

I'm usually a lot earlier with my cards – but Chanukah is late this year.  I know, Chanukah doesn't really move around, it's just that the Jewish calendar doesn't line up with the Gregorian calendar we all use now.  (Happy 5769!)

Chanukah starts Sunday night and my kids are full-tilt holiday crazy right now.  It doesn't help that I have an enormous Menorah on my front lawn.  Giant_menorah You can relive that holiday memory here if you dare.  Just remember, it wasn't my idea.