I don't know where I got this bendy little dreidel guy, but I love him.  This year I'm moving him around a bit more – here he is enjoying the coffee maker:

Dreidel man

I may have moved him around a little too much – my ten year old asked me, "Is that our Elf on the Shelf?" I laughed and asked her, who would he report back to? "The Chanukah Moose, of course!"

You've never heard of the Chanukah Moose? Here's the hat that inspired it and the story of what happened next (click here):


A few years ago, we decided to make the first night of Chanukah a night for giving. This year Lea & Benny picked Levine Children's Hospital because that's where Benny was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five years ago. Yesterday we brought bags of toys and gift cards and Carrie Keuten in the Child Life department made us feel like superstars (thanks so much!).

Come to find out, there is a true star when it comes to giving to Levine and other local hospitals. Check out the wonderful story of Katies Kidz:


Great job by Kristin Hampton at WBTV and congratulations to Katie.

Happy Holidays!! Health and happiness to you for the New Year.