Big thanks to Mom and Dad.  We went away for the weekend (more on that soon) and they came up from Florida to watch the kiddos.  Mom has been unbelievable since Benny was diagnosed. She just jumped in and learned everything. In fact, we had a trip planned less than two months after we found out Benny had diabetes and she insisted we go. 

At this point, I don't really worry about much except his inset coming out. As you know, changing Benny's button recently hasn't been much fun.  He's actually gotten a lot better the last couple of times, but I didn't want my parents to have to deal with that.  Luckily, it stayed in just as it should and they had a great weekend.

I'm a little behind on this, but have to say a big thank you to Morton's. Can't thank the staff enough for a wonderful time last Friday.  As part of the "Steak in our Community" program they donated proceeds from Friday, February 26th, to JDRF Charlotte and invited some of the families to meet & great guests.

Here's Lea with one of the great waiters and Shannon, a manager. They showed Lea the ropes and let her play maitre 'd.  She even helped serve a lobster (which she thought was totally gross)!


Benny with JDRF Charlotte's Executive Director Laura Maciag.  He gives the sliders at Morton's a big thumbs up (and we thank bartender Bill for making us all feel welcome).


Fellow JDRF parents Pat & Shauna McFeeley and friends Sue & Robert Goodling


Janice Sachs, a family friend and Evan Sachs (on the right).  Evan is 13, has type 1 and basically adopted my kids for the evening. He's incredibly articulate about living with diabetes – he was diagnosed at age five.


Here's Lea with Shannon & Keisha learning how to run the restaurant computer.


The only bad news? We didn't get a chance to eat! Just an excuse to go back soon.