Profit from your podcast: essential steps to sell your show

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Making money from your podcast seems like it should be easy: find the sponsors, sign the contracts, cash the checks! So why aren’t you already pulling in the big bucks from your podcast? It’s possible, but you need the right plan.

Where to start? I’m here to help!

Hi, I’m Stacey. I’ve spoken at She Podcasts Live, The Charlotte Podcast Festival, and HealtheVoices Live. Now you can hear the message as I share the secrets to success.

I’ve been turning a profit from my podcast, Diabetes Connections, for five years. I had no sales experience and I don’t have a business degree, but I learned over time. I make more selling ads with my show than I did as a TV health reporter! Now I’m passing on what I’ve learned in this FREE webinar.

What you’ll learn in our hour together:

➡️   Find out what you’re really selling (Hint: it’s not your show content)
➡️   Get the truth about HOW MANY downloads your podcast needs
➡️   Learn HOW MUCH to charge for what kinds of ads
➡️   Figure out how to FIND sponsors
➡️   Consider the ethics before you start selling

Whether you’ve just launched your show, are an experienced podcaster, or are still thinking about jumping in, this webinar is for anyone who wants to learn how to make more money by podcasting.