One of the high points of my Florida vacation a few weeks ago was playing golf with my mom.  We rarely get to play together – maybe once or twice a year – and it’s always a great time. 

I’m so happy to report that Mom just got a hole in one!  It was on #17 at her course, a short and tricky par 3.  I think it played about 120 yards that day, with the wind. 

(I should also take this chance to recognize my Florida contingent of blog-readers.  I don’t know whether Mom was playing with Kathy, Elaine, Irene or Ilene, but hello, ladies, and thanks!)

My mom and I are probably about the same level of player.  I hit the ball longer but her short game will get you every time.  Al Gardner still talks about our round here at River Run where Mom sank what had to be a 100 foot putt.  I kid you not.  She was on the very edge of one of the biggest greens, gave it a smack and watched it meander its way right into the hole.  She’s lucky she had witnesses!

Not so for my dad once upon a time.  He got a hole in one while playing by himself.  Yeah, I don’t feel too bad for him either.  Especially since a few weeks later he did it again, this time with witnesses (whew!). 

I’ve been thisclose twice, but so far no luck.  Once was at The Quarry, a very cool golf course in Texas.  As the name implies, you play through an abandoned rock quarry.  It’s pretty wild.  Along with the possibility of falling rocks, you’re also warned to watch for rattlesnakes.  The other close one was at the Sea Pines Ocean Course in Hilton Head.  Very windy day, a very short par 3.  No snakes.  I hit the stick and landed next to the hole. 

Both rounds of golf were more than 7 years ago.  Ouch.  That just means I need to play more.  Hopefully with my mom.