Each night, I try to watch at least part of all three network newscasts.  I find myself generally drawn mostly to NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.  Maybe I’ve got politics on the brain, but I think I’ve spotted a new fashion trend there.  I sent NBC this email:
Dear Nightly News Folks,
Recently I’ve noticed that Brian Williams has been favoring purple ties.  I wonder if this is less a fashion choice and more a political one.  Don’t laugh yet!
Is the purple tie a subtle plea to viewers to put aside our red state – blue state divisions and come together throughout this presidential election year?  Or is it a message of neutrality by Mr. Williams and NBC Nightly News? I don’t tune into your newscast for the fashion, of course, but Mr. Williams does seem to have a distinct sartorial sensibility.
I am the co-host of Charlotte’s Morning News on NewsTalk 1110 WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina.
I mentioned my theory during a recent interview with Dottie Lynch, political consultant for CBS News. 
She was amused, but unconvinced.  Okay, she laughed. 
I suppose I’m reading just a little too much into what simply may be a fashion forward decision by Mr. Williams. He does wear purple well.
Am I crazy?  Assuming Brian Wiliams’ producers even read this I can’t imagine they’ll respond.  But you never know.